Finding Relief from Carpal Tunnel in Overland Park KS

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel - properly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - affects millions of Americans every year. It manifests itself as tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain in the fingers and hand, and occasionally also in the arm as well. If you are looking for Carpal Tunnel relief in Overland Park KS, please don't hesitate to contact us!

What is the Carpal Tunnel in Overland Park KS

Carpal Tunnel is not a condition, as some mistakenly believe, it is an element of your body’s physiology. It is quite literally a small tunnel in the wrist that houses several tendons and the median nerve. It is pressure on the median nerve that is believed to be the main cause of the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, not the ‘tunnel’ itself but, as intensive scientific studies have demonstrated in recent years, that may not be the only cause.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Specifically, a lengthy study conducted researchers from the University of Missouri-Kansas City into carpal tunnel syndrome concluded that the pain it causes in the wrist and arm is quite likely to be symptomatic of problems elsewhere in the body. In fact, results show that much of the wrist and arm pain is actually related to misalignments of bones, ligaments, and muscles in the neck.

These findings only served to validate something that most chiropractors had believed for years. Most traditional medical treatments, including carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, focus only on the wrist and seeking to expand the carpal tunnel to relieve the presumed pressure on the median nerve. These surgeries are often highly ineffective though, with 75% of patients reporting the return of pain in two years or less after the completion of the surgery.

Carpal tunnel and Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome takes a different approach, looking away from just the wrist to the possible other causes of pain, especially in the neck and spine. It sometimes surprises some people to find that a chiropractor is an excellent choice of doctor to consult when suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, as they had believed that chiropractic was just for back pain or neck pain. They could not, however, be more wrong.

Carpel tunnel syndrome can be complicated to treat as it often results from multiple causes, rarely just pressure at the carpal tunnel. To solve the problem it is necessary to trace the nerve back up into the neck. By doing this a chiropractor may find that there are in fact several areas of nerve entrapment leading to the symptoms the patient is complaining about. This is why surgery is often not the answer for many people, as it’s only treating part of the problem.

Nerve entrapments and misalignments causing carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms might be located anywhere from the wrist itself to the elbow, shoulder neck, or somewhere in between. Getting to the all of the roots of the problem, and then correcting them appropriately, is what chiropractic is all about in general, and certainly in the case of carpal tunnel.

Our Treatment Approach

The treatment approach used at Nigus Chiropractic & Acupuncture is a gentle, effective, and multidimensional one. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we may also use painless and non-invasive needle-less acupuncture, recommend at-home exercises, and even basic lifestyle changes to make the overall treatment plan as effective as possible. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has been shown to have no one single cause there is no one standard treatment plan, each individual is assigned their own, according to their symptoms and needs.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome but are unsure of the best way to heal from it a consultation at Nigus Chiropractic & Acupuncture can be very helpful. The initial appointment is complimentary and you can call or contact us here to schedule it.

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