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Achieving good health in Overland Park is is not a one-step or single-action process. There are many components that go into creating overall health and wellness; physical, mental, and emotional.

Chiropractor Overland Park KS Tyler Nigus
Chiropractor Overland Park KS Tyler Nigus

Chiropractor Overland Park KS

Welcome to Nigus Chiropractic & Acupuncture, located in Overland Park, KS. We pride ourselves on helping people discover and treat the root cause of their pain, so they can live the best life they can. Our Overland Park chiropractor uses modern techniques and protocols to give you effective results.

Nigus Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Dr Nigus is a native to the Overland Park area, growing up in Stilwell, KS and opening his practice in January 2013. Overland Park and its surrounding communities are full of wonderful people, and Dr. Nigus knew this is where he wanted to serve and practice. Since opening, Dr. Nigus has established relationships with local medical offices and provides community education to local businesses. As an Overland Park chiropractor, Dr. Nigus wanted to also support the local schools. He regularly visits schools in the Shawnee Mission School District to serve teachers and support staff.

Chiropractic Overland Park KS Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

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What Sets Our Office Apart From Other Clinics?

We go beyond treating symptoms. We use different examination protocols, including X-ray analysis, to locate the root cause of your pain and treat it at its source, and our goal is to prevent the issue from returning back and back again. Our methods ensure that care is safe and effective, and care is individualized for each patient for their success and comfort. Dr. Nigus specializes in gentle chiropractic care, and modifies his technique for every patient. This allows us to see patients as young as one day old to those in their 90s, and everyone in between. We answer any questions a patient has, and explain the process and plan of treatment.

Common Symptoms We Treat

Common Conditions We Treat

People in Overland Park and the surrounding communities visit Dr. Nigus for a variety of conditions. Back pain and neck pain are very common complaints we see, but we also regularly help with headaches including migraines. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica also get great results at our office. Using electrical acupuncture, our neighbors also find relief for complaints such as allergies. If you are curious if chiropractic or acupuncture can help, give us a call and we will guide you to what is best.


Common Chiropractic Misconceptions in Overland Park

Chiropractic care is not just limited to back pain and neck pain. As part of a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic keeps your joints healthy when used for wellness. Just like you may see your general practitioner for a check-up or visit your dentist for a cleaning, seeing a chiropractor for wellness care reduces stress on your joints, so you can live a fuller and pain-free life. Dr. Nigus helps his patients decide what is best for wellness care based on their own health, the stress on the body from exercise or work, and care plans are individualized.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation and talk to Dr. Nigus, call us at (913)-953-5959 or contact us through the website. After talking with Dr. Nigus, you and he will decide what steps to take to get you feeling your best.

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"Visited Dr. Nigus with lower back pain. He helped me feel better just after a couple of visits! I still see him regularly and refer friends to him any chance I get!"

~ McKinley P.