Allergies and Sinus treatments in Overland Park KS?

Chiropractic Overland Park KS Allergies

Are you looking for allergy relief in Overland Park KS? Allergies can make your life miserable. Whether they are caused by increased pollen counts - and did you know we have a disproportionately high ragweed pollen count in the warmer months in Overland Park KS and the Kansas City metro area – or by indoor pollutants like dust the sneezy, itchy symptoms can strike at any time and really put a damper on your day.

the Effects of Allergies in Overland Park KS

Most people who suffer from allergies try solving the problem with over-the-counter antihistamines at first. Should those fail to be of any real help, which they often do as they are merely a 4-6 hour mask for allergy symptoms, they may head to their doctor for something stronger. This often involves the use of steroids which, while often good for keeping allergy symptoms at bay, can, over time, lead to excess weight gain, tax the liver, and cause damage to the connective tissues.

Frustrated by all of this, and tired of relying on medications in order to be able to enjoy something as simple as an afternoon picnic, an increasing number of allergy sufferers are seeking alternative treatments, treatments that we provide right in the office at Nigus Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

Because your sinuses do not have pumps, they need to drain using gravity into your lymphatic system. If the sinuses cannot drain, then you get stuck in a warm, dark, and moist place that is ripe for repeated infections. Several factors affect how well your sinuses drain, and at our Overland Park KS chiropractor office, we use a “whole person” approach to provide you with an effective allergy relief treatment plan.

Chiropractic and Allergies

A misalignment in your neck or spine can cause more than back pain and neck pain. Based on our findings, most people with allergies and chronic sinus infections have at least one prominent misalignment in the neck or spine, meaning that expert chiropractic manipulation may very well provide a patient with effective allergy relief.

Allergies and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another effective treatment for allergies we specialize in at Nigus Chiropractic & Acupuncture, making use of needle-less acupuncture for a painless and efficient treatment.

Acupuncture for allergies helps open your sinuses for better drainage. Other allergy acupuncture points help the immune system not react as badly to normal allergens. Often our patients describe the acupuncture treatment as “opening the floodgates” when it comes to sinus pressure relief.

If you are an allergy sufferer looking for a better way to get the relief you need then click here or contact us at (913) 953-5959 to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how chiropractic and acupuncture can bring you allergy relief.

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