The Appetite Control Point in Overland Park

Appetite Control Point in Overland Park!

The Appetite Control Point

Addictions come in many forms, and one that is very prevalent and hard to overcome is food addictions. When we are under stress, food can be a trigger to release dopamine and endorphins to help us feel better. These hormones reduce our stress, which is why some foods are “comfort foods”.

Our brain wires our bodies to want food or large quantities of food to get that good feeling, making it hard to break the cycle. Our appetite becomes hard to satisfy. When a doctor says you need to lose some weight do you feel you are equipped to handle it? Thankfully we have a solution. Here is a point that we use at our Overland Park chiropractic office that has helped many patients with weight control.

Understanding The Appetite Control Point in Overland Park

Acupuncture has worked wonders for helping patients control their appetite and feel satisfied sooner when eating. Every person receives a different treatment protocol (because there are many reasons why we eat and what causes us to over-eat), but one point is always included: The Appetite Control Point.

This point is located on the ear on a structure called the “tragus”. Place your finger on your jaw joint - you’ll know you’re on it if you can feel it move as you open and close your mouth. Just behind that is the tragus, the triangle-ish-shaped cartilage structure that you can push into your ear to cover the ear canal. Right about in the middle of this structure is the appetite point.

To stimulate it, use either a fingernail to put some specific and almost irritating pressure right over the middle of the tragus or massage vigorously to creature irritation and heat. Do this for 20-30 seconds on each side. Often the point will feel more sensitive than the surrounding skin. The goal of this point is to help regulate your appetite and make you feel more full as you eat.

If your portion control can be regulated, eventually your stomach will naturally shrink and it will be even easier to eat smaller portions while feeling full. This point is not a silver bullet, however. You can still stimulate this point and make yourself over-eat.

Acupuncture protocols include other supporting points, but even then this single point will be like an extra tool in your tool belt. If you are already using a healthier diet or a health coach, this point can be the edge that makes the whole process easier. We use this point as part of a personalized protocol at our Overland Park office.

We are Here to Help!

There are many weight loss solutions in Kansas City, but few incorporate acupuncture. These simple points can make a big difference in sticking with your weight loss plan.

Of course, for best results, it is always good to talk to a professional. Weight loss and weight control can be done on your own, but there is nothing wrong with having a partner on your side.

Our Overland Park chiropractor is ready to help. Call us or contact us to schedule a free consultation. Whether you are tackling your health alone or with guidance, remember that procrastination is the thief of health!

Dr. Tyler Nigus is here to help, your Overland Park Chiropractor. Contact Us Here to get feeling better, today!

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